My Genomestory is the story of your own health from genes

There is genetic information (DNA) in the various cells of our body that can best explain your most fundamental life information. There are various stories about what kinds of diseases you are vulnerable to, whether hair loss will occur, and how to do your diet.
If you have anxiety and illness everyday, please tell us. My Genomestory will tell you about your own health.

01 My Genomestory Care-series

Genetic testing for disease prediction

My Genomestory Healthcare

For you, who wants smarter health check-up

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02 My Genomestory Plus-Series

Genetic testing for health & beauty

My Genomestory plusskin

For you who dream of young and healthy skin

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We carefully put your one and only genetic story in the world in one special package.

마이지놈스토리 결과지 핸드북 케어시리즈의 결과 이해를 돕기 위해 구성된 안내서입니다 건강가이드북 맞춤형 건강관리를 도울 수 있는 다채롭고 유익한 내용의 건강 안내서입니다

( The contents of package may vary by product. )

What is the competitiveness of My Genomestory?

  1. Specialized test results in consideration of Asian genetic characteristics

    We provide Asian-specific test results based on the standard genome constructed through the analysis of 100,000 Asian people.

  2. Use of multiple markers to increase prediction accuracy

    We provide analysis results by analyzing as many single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) as possible to increase predictability.

  3. Reliable results using up-to-date data

    We update analysis markers (SNPs) to improve predictive ability and use up-to-date prevalence data to provide the most recent contents while increasing the reliability of the analysis.

  4. Practical, customized healthcare solutions

    We offer customized healthcare solutions that can be practiced in everyday life based on the results of genetic testing.

Start a smarter healthcare
with My Genomestory.

There are
many diseases
in the world.

However, it is not easy to prevent all diseases. Although we check our health regularly, but we still feel uneasy whether we have family history or there is a disease we're missing.

Your gene does not tell you what disease you will suffer. However, by telling you what kind of disease you are more vulnerable to, it helps systematic healthcare through selection and concentration.

There are
many diet secrets
in the world.

But we are experiencing too many failures. What we need is not a popular dieting. Healthy, sustainable customized management is required.

Your genes do not tell you the new diet secret. However, by recommending the most effective diet secret, it helps you not to fail anymore.

My Genomestory works

  1. Collect sample

    Collect your DNA with our easy-to-use saliva kit.

  2. Analyze DNA

    We analyze your sample and build your genetic profile.

  3. Get your results

    You can check the analysis results within 2~3 weeks after the sample arrives.