My Genomestory :: About us
Your genes can reveal a
There’s a whole spectrum of information embedded in your genes.

My Genomestory is your way of finding out about who you are and who you can become.
  • Me
    and my actions that define who I am
  • Genetic info
    that is gathered and displayed through data analysis
  • My Genomestory
    the combination of who I can become and where I am starting off.
  • Our mission and Our vision.

    Your unchanging story
    changes you.

    Your genes do not define the final result of who you will become. They speak to you about the beginnings of your life and the different factors that might affect you in the future.

    Our hope is to help people to realize that they have control over how they nurture their themselves and that prevention is better than any reactive solution.

    “Nature” and “Nurture” both play a role in who we can become. We believe that acknowledging our nature is the first step towards taking control over our environment, and thereby nurturing ourselves in the right direction.

    My Genomestory
    is developed by Macrogen,
    'a global leading precision medicine company'.

    Macrogen is
    1st in Korea and 5th in the world,
    for exporting genome analysis services to 150 countries all over the world.

    We've developed My Genomestory utilizing the world's best genome technologies, along with help from the analyses of big data.


    • 1997. 06 Established Macrogen, Inc.
    • 2000. 02 The first bio venture company listed on KOSDAQ
    • 2014. 05 Selected as a "2014 KOSDAQ Hidden Champion" by the Korea Exchange
    • 2016. 06 Selected as one of the 'World-Class 300 Companies' by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy / Small and Medium Business Administration
    • 2016. 10 Established MiGenstory, a joint venture with Macrogen and LG Household & Health Care
    • 2016. 12 Won '30 Million Dollar Export Tower' award on the 53rd Trade Day in 2016
    • 2017. 06 20th anniversary of the founding

    Certified service quality and personal information management system

    Macrogen maintains and manages various quality management systems, laboratory certification system, and personal information protection management system from in and out of the country in order to provide customers with satisfactory and reliable services. Learn more