My Genomestory

Your genes tell a colorful story about you.

Discover the myriad of colorful stories in your genes and make your every day healthier and more colorful with My Genomestory!

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My Genomestory

My Genomestory is Macrogen's brand of personal genome analysis service. We provide personalized lifestyle solutions by analyzing an individual's inherited genes.
A special health & beauty solution for me!
Be proactive about preventing both serious illnesses (including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and dementia) and daily life problems (including dieting, hair loss, and skin care).

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Your life is full of exciting colorful stories. Whether it is a challenge that you are facing, or an adventurous travel that you are embarking upon, your life story can always be told on a wide colorful spectrum.

Have you considered
what about your "genetic story" looks like?

Your genes can tell you a colorful story about who you are and who you can become.

Introducing My Genomestory,
the genetic story about you and your health

01 My Genomestory Care-series

Genetic testing for disease prediction

My Genomestory Healthcare

For you, who wants smarter health check-up

Major cancers and common diseases Learn more My Genomestory {{serviceName['care']}}


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02 My Genomestory Plus-Series

Genetic testing for health and beauty

My Genomestory plusskin

For you who dream of young and healthy skin

Skin elasticity, Skin aging, Pigmentation, etc. Learn more My Genomestory {{serviceName['plus']}}


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