「My Genomestory Website」 Privacy policy

Applied date : March 31, 2020. ~ Present

All the personal information handled on [My Genomestory Website] is based on the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc. and the Personal Information Protection Act or is collected, retained and processed with the information subject’s consent.

1. Personal Information Collection/Use Purpose, Personal Information Items Collected and Collection Method
A. [My Genomestory Website] processes personal information for the following reasons. The personal information will not be used for any purposes other than those stated below, and if the purpose is changed, the Company shall ask for the information subject’s consent beforehand.
1) Mangement for My Genomestory Member
2) Q&A
B. The [My Genomestory Website] processes the following personal information items:
No. Types of information Personal information Collection method
1 Questions Email address The personal information is collected if s/he agrees to its collection and inputs the information herself/himself

2. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
The [My Genomestory Website] shall process the information subject’s personal information within the scope specified in “1. Personal Information Collection/Use Purpose, Personal Information Items Collected and Collection Method” only, and shall not process the information outside the original scope or provide it to third parties without the information subject’s consent except the following:

A. When the information subject has given separate consent
B. When there is a special regulation in the legislation
C. When it is deemed to be clearly required for the benefit of the life, body, and property of the information subject or a third party, but the information subject or the legal representative is not in a position to express their intention or it is not possible to receive consent beforehand due to unknown address, etc.
D. When it is necessary for the production of statistics, academic research purposes, etc. and the personal information is provided in a format that does not allow specific individuals to be identified
E. When it is not possible to execute judicial work designated by other legislation, if the personal information is not used for purposes other than the intended purpose or if it is not provided to a third party
F. When it is necessary to provide it to a foreign government or international organization to honor a treaty or other international agreements
G. When it is necessary for a criminal investigation and prosecution and maintaining a prosecution
H. When it is necessary for a court trial proceeding
I. When it is necessary for sentencing and enforcement of preventive custody and protective disposition"

3. Personal Information Processing and Retention Period
A. The [My Genomestory Website] shall process and retain personal information on the basis of the legislation or within the scope of the consent received.
B. The personal information processing and retention period are as follows:"
No. Personal Information Retained Operation Basis Processing Purpose Retention Period
1 Questions Consent from subject Service process and answering questions 1 years

4. Destroying Personal Information
A. The [My Genomestory Website] shall destroy personal information without delay in cases where it has become unnecessary, such as retention period has expired, the processing purpose has been achieved, etc. However, that is not the case when it has to be retained in accordance with other legislation.
B. The personal information destruction procedure and method are as follows:
① Destruction Procedure
In cases where the personal information has become unnecessary, such as the personal information purpose has been achieved, retention period has expired, the relevant service has been discontinued, business has been terminated, etc. the personal information shall be destroyed without delay on the date that it is deemed unnecessary.
② Destruction Method
Personal information recorded and stored in an electronic file form shall be destroyed so that the record cannot be retrieved, and personal information recorded and stored on paper documents shall be shredded with a paper shredder or incinerated."

5. User and Legal Representative’s Rights and Exercise Method
A. The information subject can exercise the following rights related to personal information protection at any time:
① Demand to view personal information
② Demand to rectify any errors, etc.
③ Demand deletion
④ Demand to stop processing
B. The exercising of rights according to “A” must be done by phone or e-mail, and the [My Genomestory Website] shall respond to it without delay.
C. If the information subject has demanded the rectification or deletion of a personal information error, etc., the [My Genomestory Website] shall not use or provide the relevant personal information until it is rectified or deleted.
D. The exercising of rights according to “A” may be done through an agent, such as the information subject’s legal representative or an entrusted person, etc. In this case, a power of attorney for the personal information processing must be submitted.
E. When there is a demand to view, rectify, delete, or stop processing pursuant to the information subject’s rights, it shall be checked if the person who made the demand is the information subject himself/herself or his/her legitimate agent.

6. Personal Information Security Officer
A. Inquiries about personal information security, complaint handling, damage relief, etc. can be directed to the personal information security officer and the department in charge. They will reply and respond to information subjects’ inquiries without delay.
Category Affiliation Name / Title Contact Number E-mail
Personal Information Security Officer Information management Division Kim Jae Hyun / Division Head (Managing Director) +82-2-2180-7048 privacy@macrogen.com
Personal Information Security Staff Technology Innovation Division’s Information Security Team Bae Soo-Young / Personal Information Security Staff

Also, if there is a personal information infringement and there is a need to report or consult about it, the following agencies can offer assistance:
(The following agencies are independent from our company. Please contact us if you are not satisfied with our company's personal information complaints, damage relief results, or need more help.)
* Personal Data Infringement Call Center: (No area code) 118 http://privacy.kisa.or.kr
* Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee: (No area code) 1833-6972 http://www.kopico.go.kr
* Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, Forensic Science Dept., Cyber Part: (No area code) 1301 http://www.spo.go.kr
* National Police Agency Cyber Bureau: (No area code) 182 https://www.police.go.kr/www/security/cyber.jsp

7. Request for Personal Information Access
A. The information subject can request the reading of personal information pursuant to Article 35 of the Personal Information Protection Act to the following department. The company will endeavor to promptly process inquiries of personal information of information subjects
Category Affiliation Name / Title Contact Number E-mail
Personal Information Security Staff Technology Innovation Division’s Information Security Team Bae Soo-Young / Personal Information Security Staff +82-2-2180-7048 privacy@macrogen.com

8. Personal Information Safety Security Measures
A. The following measures shall be taken to secure personal information safety:
① Establish and implement internal management plan
An internal management plan shall be established and implemented in accordance with the “Personal Information Technical & Administrative Security Measures Standard” and the “Personal Information Safety Security Measures Standard.”(Ministry of the Interior and Safety Notice No. 2019-47)
② Restrict access to personal information
Necessary measures shall be taken to control access to personal information by granting, changing and canceling the authority to access the personal information processing system. A firewall shall be used to restrict unauthorized access from the outside.
③ Retain access records and tampering
Personal information processing system access records shall be retained and managed for at least six months. Access records shall be properly managed to make sure they are not forged, falsified, stolen or lost.
④ Encrypt personal information
Personal information shall be safely stored and managed through encryption, etc. Also, separate security functions shall be used for encrypting important data when storing and transmitting, etc.
⑤ Install security program and inspect and update it regularly
To prevent personal information leaks and damage due to hacking, computer viruses, etc. security programs shall be installed and regularly inspected and updated.
⑥ Restrict access of unauthorized personnel
The personal information processing system, which stores the personal information, shall be kept in a physically separate location, and an access control procedure shall be established and operated.

9. Changes in the Privacy Policy
A. This Privacy Policy shall be applied from March 31, 2020.
B. Previous Privacy Policies
- 2020-03-31 ~ Present
- 2019-10-22 ~ 2020-03-30
- 2018-10-19 ~ 2019-10-21
- 2018-08-01 ~ 2018-10-18